Our Products

Blue Butterfly

A Software solution to build APIs from most of the data stores with out coding (low code no code). It provides a seamless integration to Microsoft Azure. Build APIs from SnowFlake, Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL, Excel, CSV or Json Files. Comes with built in templates for most of the authentication layers used in the enterprises. End user can develop their own security since it allows for Custom Template Integration. Allows for password rotation and reading password from KeyVaults.

PowerPlatform Code Helper

Our graphics designers create the designs by taking into consideration the latest stock photography and we acquire the best fit images that meet the customer requirements. A picture is worth thousand words and we literally try to make our graphics speak for themselves. Then our developers wire the code in Fx for the UI. Since we have a tool that generates code based on the dataverse tables or RDBMS, code snippets for most of the operations, we can deliver the Power Apps quicker.

Angular/React/Asp.net App Builder

Create Angular/React/Asp.net web applications with very little code or no code. Develoers do not have to spend time writing code, building web pages, styling them, coding stored procedures and debugging them. The app builds Angular or React components, C# .net Web API, Model and Data Access Layer code based on configuration. It would take an additional 5% to 20% customization to make it fit the requirements. App Builder has the following modules

eB2 WinForms Builder

Build WinForms desktop apps with the WinForms builder. The builder generates forms and all the necessary form validations, data manipulation components for CRUD operations. eB2 WinForms Builder, creates list forms with pagination and search features. For the Data Entry form, the required fields, dropdown lists are populated based on the configuration defined during the creation of the Forms.

App Design

Our application architects have over 25 years of experience in designing applications from Client-server, three-tier to Cloud based business applications. Our architects have provided solutions to Microsoft, Boeing, Raytheon Missiles and Defence, Veteran Affairs, Toyota, USPS, Northrop Grumman to name a few. We bring to you the expertise and solutions that the industry uses to secure and run their business.

Expert Research

Our business solutions team will provide you with the best solutions and recommendations based on the vast experience working at various enterprises. We design and tailor the applications and services based on the client requirements. We reseearch various products and see how they will fit the clients needs. We focus on High-availability, Scalability, Security and Adaptability of solutions. Our cloud understanding and designs can make you feel comfortable.

About Consulting Services

We provide the following consulting services.

Technical architecture — From integrations, software packages to new hardware, we can consult on every aspect of your tech stack, including hosting.

Customer experience — Planning every step of the customer journey to make sure it flows and converts.

Platform selection — Want to know what will work best for your business? Our consultants provide platform-agnostic advice.

Data migration — Time for an upgrade to bigger and better things? We can advise the best way to go about migrating your data safely.

Content management systems — Your CMS influences your ability to adapt & innovate. We can help you find what will work for you.

Systems integrations — One of our core specialties is advising on and designing systems integrations that work right the first time.